Does anyone read Meyer Levin’s “Obsession”?

I am having very good luck with my arbitrary choices of books to read lately.

Levin wrote Obsession in the early 1970s, over twenty years after he first became involved with Otto Frank and “The Diary of Anne Frank”.  I don’t want to give away too much detail about this book, because I want everyone to read it.  It is interesting on so many different levels.

So, find and read a copy if you are interested in: (1) “The Diary of Anne Frank”; (2) How theater is put together; (3) Jewish theater; (4) Holocaust and post-World War II American Jewish psychology; (5) copywright litigation; (6) psychoanalysis; and (7) an admittedly obsessive personality and its effect on one’s life, and one’s family.  Oh, yes, and (8) Leopold and Loeb.

That covers all of the readers of this blog, doesn’t it?


2 thoughts on “Does anyone read Meyer Levin’s “Obsession”?

  1. I just finished this book, which I enjoyed (thanks for suggesting). A major theme is the contrast between those who fight to preserve Jewish identity and those who accept assimilation. Levin is clearly in the former camp, and even writing this and other books about his “obsession” did not help him overcome it. A year before he died in 1981 (and a month after Otto Frank died) Levin’s wife wrote him “Next month you’ll be 75 years old. You’ll still have a few years that could be saved. You can choose to save these few years for peace of sorts, for whatever happiness is available, or you can continue your own total destruction. How can you feel anything for me when you have taken out your heart and thrown it into the night for the hundredth hopeless time?”
    See this article:

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