At a Loss for Words/Too Many Words (40 cents)

There is so much to say that I am at a loss for words. I am sitting here watching the disciplinary hearing on the Joe Wilson disapproval resolution in the House. If Wilson apologized to the House, all of this would be unnecessary. But what am I hearing? The Republicans are blaming the Democrats for wasting legislative time, acknowledging that Wilson was wrong, but not suggesting that if he simply said “I’m sorry”, that no more time would be wasted. It is extraordinary. To me, it is unbelievable.

And not only does Wilson not apologize to the House (or to the American people) for his outburst, he also does not acknowledge that he was WRONG when he stated that the President was lying. The President said that the House bill would not provide health care for illegal aliens. This is correct, as Mr. Wilson agrees, but he says that ‘You lie’ was appropriate because there was no enforcement provision to make sure that illegals weren’t served. Huh? And the Democrats are now putting in some sort of enforcement clause (OK), and this somehow proves that the president lied. Double huh?

Now, in this debate, the Republicans are saying that it was a good thing that Joe Wilson did what he did, because it has helped the health care debate move forward. Triple huh?

And all sorts of folks are saying that Wilson is an outstanding guy. The fact that he called a Democratic congressman from California a hater of America is what an outstanding guy would say, right? Trying to keep the Confederate flag flying over the South Carolina House – an outstanding guy would do this, right? Etc. Etc.

At a loss for words.


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