One Liners

Because of all of the political nonsense going on, I am limited to one liners.

1. I read Art Buchwald’s “I’ll Always Have Paris”, his memoir of his decade and a half in Paris, as a reporter on the International Herald Tribune. I have never been a Buchwald fan, not particularly liking his writing style, nor his overall persona. While there are some funny incidents in this book, I don’t think it paints a very good picture of Buchwald, and I am not pleased that I spent so much time reading it.

2. The Penn Quarter Arts Festival in downtown DC on Saturday was absolutely first class. The craftsmen (artists, photographers, jewelry makers, potters and so forth) were top rate. The inexpensive food provided by local restaurants was appreciated. The general friendliness of the crowd was apparent.

3. In contrast, the angry, nasty participants in the T Party on the Mall, going on at the same time, and their silly red, white and blue costumes, and their outrageous signs, were frightening and disgusting.

4. The Alain Renais movie, “Muriel, ou le temps d’un retour”, another film about memory and its effect on the present, was enjoyable to watch, but unbelievably confusing.

5. The AAUW book sale in McLean was excellent, as usual. My surprise find was an autographed copy of Albert Speer’s “Spandau Diaries”. The DC public library’s book sale, by contrast, was pretty bad – most of the books were library discards, or books whose condition would have made them rejects at most similar sales.

6. We finally tried our new neighborhood retaurant, Acacia Bistro. After some confusion with the server, we found the food quite good. A very nice cod, and some tasty broccoli rabe. The rosado Cava and the Flying Fish Merlot helped the tastes along.

7. The lecture by Israeli Minister of Minorities, Avishai Braverman, concerning the 20% of the Israeli population which is non-Jewish Arab, was a disappointment. Braverman’s heart is in the right place, but he has not figured out how to hone his message and get it across.


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