Pasodoble, Joropo, Bambuco, Pasillo, Fandango, Porro Pelayero and More (5 cents)

You can learn something every day, I guess, but today, I failed to learn how to distinguish between the various forms of Spanish/Latin music mentioned above. I went to a very nice concert by the Brass Quintet of Medellin, comprised of five teenagers, who play trumpet (2), trombone, horn and tuba, and play classical, jazz and Latin music, all very well. The concert was sponsored by the Interamerican Development Bank, honoring the city of Medellin, Columbia, which has come so far in overcoming what had appeared like a permanently entrenched drug lord tyranny, in part by establishing programs of cultural development for the city’s young people.

The quintent was very good and, by the way, I seem to be a big fan of fandangos, and porro pelayeros.

Following the concert, we went to the IDB Gallery, which currently has an exhibit of works by 7 Latin American/Caribbean artists who now live in Canada. Although the quality of the work varied in my mind, I particularly liked the paintings of Colombian born Oscar Danilo Vargas (large canvasses with impressionistic apocalypsic scenes, with one small helpless man floating somewhere on the canvass) and Osvaldo Ramirez Castillo, originally from El Salvador, whose almost cartoon-like, allegorical scenes of horror which remind you that troubles occur in all sorts of places.


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