The ugly subway and the ugly Subway

Yesterday afternoon, I stepped onto a DC Metro train and found myself on the Ugly Car. By that, I mean only a subway car which was fairly crowded and where each passenger seemed to have at least one physical characteristic that was extraordinarily ugly. Any type of physical ugliness you can think of was well represented on the car. “How”, I said to myself, “did I ever get onto this particular car?”

Well, I’m not exactly stupid you know, and I figured it out pretty quickly. I think I was on the car because I fit right in. I hope I look good in my new sunshades and balaclava.

Today, finding myself in Fairfax at lunch time, I wanted something quick and cheap and reliable, so I went into a Subway at the first strip center that I passed. Subway is still quick and cheap (6″ sandwich, chips and a drink for only $6), but is it reliable? I think it has gone down, down, downhill.

OK, the whole wheat rolls are still OK (even if they aren’t really whole wheat), but the selection of fillings seems to have deteriorated – diced chicken with various sauces, sliced turkey, veggie patties, black forest ham, etc. I am not sure what is missing, but it sure is boring. I used to like getting the veggie patty with tomatoes, olives, pickles and bell peppers and put barbecue sauce on it. Some time ago, Subway stopped carrying barbecue sauce, so now, you are limited to ranch/mayonnaise type sauces, it seems. The patty is not the same any more. The tuna lacks style, the chicken combos just aren’t that interesting, turkey sounds dull, ham I don’t want.

All in all, it was a pretty ugly lunch. The chips were too salty, even if I took them first through a makeshift desalination process, and the drink was Dr. Pepper, which I don’t really like, but I selected so I wouldn’t drink too much soda.

I don’t know. Perhaps my approach is wrong. I will do it differently the next time I go into a Subway – scheduled for 2016.


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