I Made a Contribution to Wikipedia

It is December 30, and I thought that I was through for the year making charitable gifts. But one remained, as the request from Wikipedia that has headlined each Wikipedia search the last month or so has remained at the front of my mind. I realized that there is no organization that I rely on more than Wikipedia day in and day out, and all at no cost. So, I clicked on the “personal appeal” box that comes at the top of every search, and suggest that each of you may want to do the same.

Last night I watched Herbert Biberman’s “Salt of the Earth” and looked up both the film and the director, as well as a few related topics. I looked up Judy Gold after watching her one woman show at Theater J. I went to review the biographies of Rosamond Pinchot and Mary Pinchot Meyer. Today, I read a long article on historian E. H. Carr, I read the very detailed entry on the new film “Up in the Air” because I wanted to scout out the places it was filmed in St. Louis. At the request of my wife, I went to see how old Senator Inouye of Hawaii is.

I probably did more, that I can’t think of right now. And this happens every day. It probably does for you, too, and clearly they can use your support. That so much is done by so few working as I understand it as volunteers, is remarkable, and we don’t want to see it end.

Remember, too, that Wikipedia is interactive. I have not hesitated when I see something that I feel to be inaccurate to correct it, or to add something. It doesn’t happen often, but it happens, and what is extraordinary is that when you change a word, it is there….immediately.

Quite remarkable.


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