I went to see the Capitals beat the Rangers 2-0 in a very dull game, preceded by supper at a new Thai restaurant on Sixth Street, Absolute Thai. We wanted to go to Jaleo, and arrived at 5:45 only to be told that a table for two would be available in about an hour and a quarter. Absolute Thai was, therefore, a find – a restaurant less than a block from Verizon Center which had room. Well, it wasn’t surprising – because the food was not quite what you’d want to eat. We had a seafood Thai fried rice, which wasn’t too bad, although I wouldn’t order it again, but the vegetable pad thai had a strong vinegar flavor (as did the chicken pad thai ordered by the man at the next table). We were told that this is the way it comes in Thailand. I don’t think so.

Then, there was my tuna salad sandwich and lemonade at Au Bon Pain. Not usually worth writing about, but this lunch was a bit unusual because I had to wait in the check out line for about 10 minutes while the woman in front of me questioned her bill. The check out lady said that I was so patient, that she didn’t charge me for the lemonade. That was very nice, I thought, so I think that everyone should go to Au Bon Pain on G Street. This is an unpaid advertisement.


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