Baseball, Thai Food, and “Mikveh”

It was the second baseball game this week, a 1:30 game against the Orioles. The weather forecast was ominous, but the rain held off the entire game, which ended with the Nats on top 4-3, after a walk-off home run by Josh Willingham in the bottom of the tenth.

From there, we went to Thai Tanic (bad name, but cute) on 14th Street. The papaya salad was a bit too spicy for me, but the chicken Penang was just right, and the restaurant was comfortable, particularly as we were sitting in the window seat.

The evening ended at Theater J, where a packed house saw the Israeli play “Mikveh”. It is, I think, an extraordinary play, dealing with very sensitive subjects (depression, domestic violence, etc.) in a totalitarian community (orthodox Judaism), and dealing with them both with pathos and much humor. It is a tribute to the writer, the translator, the director and the full cast that the play is so successful.


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