What I Don’t Like About Nationals Stadium (38 cents)

1. The location. Although it is not far away, it’s location south of the Capitol is not convenient and won’t be, even after the development in the surrounding neighborhood is completed. The new construction is very ordinary, overly residential in character, and has a minimum of restaurants and other amenities.

2. Access. It is on the Metro Green Line, which is a line that basically serves Prince George’s County. You need to transfer to the Red Line for most of northwest Washington and Montgomery County, or the blue, orange or yellow lines for Virginia. This guarantees that almost everyone has to transfer, making for long and unpleasant waits. In addition, the Navy Yard Metro Station, closest to the park, was never designed to handle a crowd of 12,000, much less a full stadium of 40,000+. Leaving on the Metro after a game is very, very unpleasant.

3. Parking. Parking lots in the area are charging $15 to $20 per game,which is quite a bit. I assume that, as parking lots are changed into buildings, parking will become more scarce. Street parking is very limited and for the most part is subject to 2 hour maximums.

4. The Views from the Stadium. The views of the surrounding buildings are boring, boring, boring due to the architecture of the buildings. The touted view of the Capitol, until it is obscured by new buildings, is disappointing and only visible from limited vantage points. There is a nice view of the Anacostia River, which you can only see from the back ramps going down (ramps hardly used by anyone).

5. The Views in the Stadium. The sight lines in the stadium leave a lot to be desired. From our seats, when there is someone over the age of 10 sitting in front of us, home plate is obliterated. This is a general problem.

6. The Setting of the Stadium. In a city like Washington that gets so hot in the summer, you would think they would position the stadium to get maximum shade in the stands. Au contraire!

7. The Escalators in the Stadium. They are woefully inadequate, and therefore dangerous, especially when you come down one leg and thrown into a crowd too big to get into the next leg of the escalator (because of additional people coming in from the lower level).

8. Mobility in the Stadium. You cannot, at any place, walk around the stadium. You will bump into dead ends, gaps, stairs, walls, etc.

9. The Look of the Stadium. You’d expect a large sports venue six blocks south of the Capitol to be build with a design to make it look classic and timeless. Think again. It looks like it might float away at any time.

10. The Team that Plays in the Stadium. A team that just cannot get their act together. Perhaps all else could be overlooked if this were not the case. But, then again, perhaps not.


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