Capital Fringe Festival – Second Visit

This will be quick. We chose two performances for Sunday night. I had high hopes…….

The first was a one-woman review called Dorothy Parker’s Last Call, based on the life, and the words, of poet/humorist/Round Table member, Dorothy Parker. Lesley Abrams performed well enough, I thought, but there just wasn’t enough in the piece itself to justify putting it on. If the writing in this brief show is all Dorothy Parker had to show for her life, it seems it was a very shallow life indeed. But that, I know, it wasn’t.

From there, we went to see a cabaret performance called Love Noir, feature the songs of Leonard Bernstein, Kurt Weill and Harold Arlen (quite a trio). And indeed the best thing about the show was the selection of music – it was just terrific. The two performers, one male, one female, had their moments, and were almost up to the task, but the high notes caught one, and the inability to make his emotions seem quite real enough tricked the other. The keyboard accompanist was technically very proficient, if a little personally stiff. I don’t want to sound too harsh – I did enjoy the show quite a bit but, as I say, Lenny, Kurt and Harold were the true stars.

In between, a light supper at Busboys and Poets (5th Street version). You gotta love Busboys and Poets. It’s quite an institution now.


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