Capital Fringe Festival – Third Day (23 cents)

We saw two shows yesterday.

“The Hunchback Variations” is a series of reprises of a panel discussion, where two totally deaf participants, one of whom is Ludwig van Beethoven and the other Quasimodo (who is of course fictional), who come together to discuss their failed project of trying to create the sound called for by Anton Chekhov, who has not yet been born, in his final stage direction in “The Cherry Orchard”. “How ridiculous”, you say, and……right you are. But the 45 minute show is in fact quite clever, and the two performers performed it in excellent fashion.

Then we went to another show, a one woman show, that was so bad that I don’t even feel comfortable giving out its name. It was just awful. (If you are curious, or want to make sure you don’t see it by accident, it was at the Goethe Institute Theater last night at 8:30, and its single word name rhymes with “Scat”) I can’t even begin to describe what it was about – the presenter is a motivational speaker who seems to feel that everything would be OK if you just forgave yourself for whatever you might feel bad or guilty about in your past, and her she is dead, and stuck on a cloud that is not the best cloud, but is given the opportunity to have another life (a life of her choice, and she chooses the same one she just had) and she winds up on the best possible cloud, singing “A – You’re Adorable”. Unbelievable, and I just kept looking for the gong (which by the way appeared in “Hunchback”, but then was apparently swept offstage.


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