Capital Fringe Festival: Super Claudio Bros.

This one was is very cute. A musical spoof on the video game Super Mario Bros. Good music, good visuals, very clever script.

But, to fully appreciate the show, you must of course be familiar with Super Mario Bros. Which I was not. But I had with me two of my best friends: my Blackberry, and (on my Blackberry) Wikipedia. So, with five minutes to spare, I was able to learn all about Super Mario Bros, and able to fully appreciate the show. Well, at least that’s what I think. If you really know the game, I am sure your appreciation is even greater.

So it’s not the mushroom kingdom, it’s the eggplant kingdom, and it’s not Mario, it’s Claudio, not Luigi but Luis, the Princess Peach, but the Princess Tangerine. But they jump and they run and they kick. And die, and come back to life, and they fight not Browser, but Bruiser.

Who was the audience? There were a lot of kids, and that was fine, but I think the target is not the kids, but the twenty and thirty somethings with Super Mario in their background. Some of the humor was a little adult for the kids, although I am sure that it soared over their heads.

Kudos to the entire cast, but especially to Matt Anderson as Bruiser.

And one small point – it would have been nice if the two women had been miked; their voices weren’t quite strong enough to carry.


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