How I Spent My Friday

6:45 a.m. Alarm rings, shower (etc.) and dress (if you call shorts and a t-shirt dressing)
7:10 a.m. Move the case of liter bottles of San Pelligrino to the pantry and off the library table.
7:15 a.m. Follow (in my car) my wife (in hers) as we drive to her auto repair man off River Road to see why her car smells of gas. En route, listen to NPR, with a feature about Dr. Laura and the N-word (“turn off your radio for the next 40 seconds if you would be offended”) and then here Roger Clemens say “if I am guilty of anything, it’s off being too nice to everybody”. Interested that the August rush hour traffic on River Road is so light that we can actually make two left turns with no one honking.
8:00 a.m. Say hello to our house cleaning team, and walk a mile up Connecticut Avenue to get some air before the day heats up, and to get a bagel and a cup of coffee. Both are good, and I sit in the sun looking at this week’s City Paper. the article on Mayor Fenty, entitled something like “Is Fenty a Jerk?”, didn’t tell me much I didn’t know (or think I knew), but the article on Councilman Michael A. Brown is a real winner. A second Michael Brown is on the ballot for a council seat, enraging the incumbent Brown, who makes a big deal about not trading on someone else’s name, even if it is your own. But Councilman Brown had told City Paper that he had been an all-Metro basketball star in high school, something that the reporter couldn’t verify. Then Brown said that he had played in a season end game that was only for all-Metro players. Turns out he was wrong on who could play and yes, indeed, Michael Brown did play on that team. But guess what! It was not Councilman Michael Brown, but a third Michael Brown. The Councilman said that he had played in yet another game (but it turns out he was already in college at the time) and that his staff sent the wrong information out. The reporter concludes that Councilman Michael Brown quite possibly could not have made a team that was composed totally of Michael Browns.
9:00 a.m. Came back home, looked through the Metro section of the paper and was fascinated by the obituary of 95 year old Bernard Knox (read it, you’ll see what I mean) and surprised to see a quote from an old friend in it. Then went to my desk and wrote a long blog post about the four books I had most recently read, and looked through my overnight email. Saw that I had sold two books in my on-line book selling business – a biography of Armand Hammer (by Bob Considine) which the Hammers had inscribed to Paul and Bunny Mellon (it’s on its way to San Francisco now) and an odd, odd book called Your Health, Your Sanity in a Time of Treason that was probably giving me bad luck to hold onto anyway. Then I read through some office emails, trying to see what the bylaws of non-profit corporation provide regarding officer elections; you would think that would be easy and it should be, except that I have been sent four different sets of bylaws, which provide different election terms, and all of which are dated in 2010. Caught up on a few other things from the office, and turned back to my books, cataloging a number of relatively new arrivals. In the meantime, the repair shop said that they thought that my wife’s fuel tank problem could be fixed free by the dealer, because it was the subject of a recall.
12:30 p.m. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich, followed by a square of dark, dark chocolate. Called the dealer, who said “maybe, we have to see what’s wrong with it”. Dealers being dealers, they can’t look at it until Wednesday and we don’t want to drive it its current condition.
1:30 p.m. My wife and I drove to the repair shop to pick up the car and take it the quarter mile or so to the dealer, and leave it until they get to it. (One strange note: on our trip, we saw the owner of the auto repair shop leaving the shop as we arrived, but on a bicycle.)
2:15 p.m. Drive to Georgetown to see what the Bryn Mawr Lantern Book Store is selling these days. With great exciItement, bought a signed copy of Ruth Gruber’s I Went to the Soviet Arctic, published in 1939. Now, you ask how that could be exciting. Believe me, it is. From Georgetown went to Zips not to get anything dry cleaned but to have their tailor shorten a new pair of jeans I bought a couple of weeks ago at Target, and the to CVS to ask the pharmacist about certain instructions on a new prescription. The two regular pharmacists, Michel and Aran, whom I like, are on vacation, I think, and a sub-pharmacist was there. The medicine, a blood pressure medicine, is to be taken twice daily, and the instructions say: take it with food, or not with food, but do one or the other consistently. I wanted to know why. I thought that the pharmacist gave me some double talk: first, because you doctor wanted it that way (no, he didn’t). second, because its a new medicine and that way they can tell if it is working right (wrong again?). third, because that way you will take it at regular times during the day (first thing in the morning without food, and at dinner with food would be regular). fourth, because it is absorbed differently, but this way it will be absorbed the same all day long. Well, I don’t know the answer, but will ask Aran or Michel when I see them. Not all was a loss at CVS, however. I bought some Welch’s Grape Juice, which I have been craving the last twenty years to so.
4:30 p.m. Back at home, writing this blog, checking my email, about the look at the DC primary voter guide, and then to set the table and change clothes and wait for our five dinner guests.


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