Politics (5 cents)

I’m watching the World Series – the Giants lead in the fourth game, 2-0. They have won two, the Rangers 1. It’s been a pretty good series, I think, but a sporting event is usually pretty hard for me to watch unless I have a favorite. And, although when I was in SF a few weeks ago, I thought my favorite was SF, when I came home, I wasn’t sure. But tonight, when I saw the two former Bush presidents and their spouses sitting in their box watching the game, and I realized anew that the Rangers used to be owned by George the Younger, I realized that I have to be for the Giants. It will take a few generations to eliminate the Bush taint from the Rangers.

Or from the country. We have had our share of bad presidents, but Bush is the one who set us on the terrible downward path we seem to be traveling – starting with Iraq, of course, but also through fostering tax policies that have led to our enormous budget deficit, and more. But we know all of that.

The problem is that Obama and the Democrats have so far been unable to do anything about it. The Democrats have been too divided amongst themselves, and the Obama White House has been either unable or unwilling to discipline them. So, yes, we have passed some health care and financial reform legislation, but both are too complicated and, perhaps more important, the product of too many compromises. How much of this can be ascribed to Obama, I am not sure, but all of can be blamed on the Democratic Congressional leadership.

Tuesday is election day, and it appears that the Democrats will lose a lot of ground, perhaps becoming a minority party in at least the House, something that did not seem possible two years ago. And a number of the Republicans will be very conservative, and there is no one in the Republican leadership that I would want to see running a Congressional chamber. But, while I would usually be expected to be very perturbed and concerned, I am surprisingly relaxed. Relaxed because I don’t think a Democratic victory would have helped us much either.

All of this means we are going to have two years of nothing getting done, I assume, except more of the same, as we watch (assuming no cataclysmic event) the US sink a little lower, and other parts of the world continue to lead us in those categories in which Americans think that America excels. Not a happy time.


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