My New Ipad (5 cents)

Two days ago, I bought an Ipad. Ipads are not cheap, and I didn’t select the least expensive model. I didn’t stick to the one whose connectivity is limited to wi-fi; I bought the one that can be connected to the internet anywhere (almost), anytime, as long as you have an AT&T contract (which I don’t have, and don’t expect to acquire). My usage will be limited to wi-fi, but I paid an extra $100 “just in case”. I also probably would have been more than satisfied with the lowest of the three memory capacities (the Apple Store Man patiently explained that it was only downloaded videos and music in large quantities that would require the greater memory). But I didn’t get the small memory; I got the mid-level model, which cost me an extra $100. So, I paid an additional $200 and got more than I needed.

But that was two days ago. Can’t second guess myself now.

Of course, the Ipad is not my only electronic communicator. I have a computer at my office, and a laptop at home, and an Ipod somewhere in a drawer, and I carry a blackberry. I don’t tend to watch movies on a private screen and I don’t tend to download music.
But what I like to do is to take notes. And a blackberry is too small to be useful in note-taking, I have found, and a pen and note pad is just too, too 20th century. So, I got an Ipad.

I want to take it with me wherever I go (more or less), so I bought a padded case with a shoulder strap – this cost me about $30 more than a simple protective case, but here I made the right choice. So, whenever you see me, I will have an Ipad on my shoulder and a blackberry in my pocket, using them for different things.

I tried using the Ipad for note taking last night for the first time. I was at our Jewish-American literature class, and the subject was Dara Horn and her book “The World to Come”. There were about ten of us there, sitting around a large conference table. Throughout the evening, I was typing on my new toy. I had no problem with the “virtual keyboard”, I turned off the optional “click” sound when you touch a key, and it worked like a charm.

While the Ipad clearly won’t replace a laptop (I am typing now at my laptop) for writing , general, it does have some advantages. First, when you turn it on, it does not have to boot up; it is ready to go. Second, the screen (ten inch, I believe) is a good size. Third, the colors and resolution are better than on my PC, and the sound quality is good enough for me. Fourth, it is pretty easy to operate, although there are some things I have yet to figure out. I’ll probably take a class at the Apple Store to remedy that.

In the meantime, who knows how our relationship will evolve? Will I download movies to watch on airplanes, or read books on the Ipad rather than from a book? I guess you never know.


One thought on “My New Ipad (5 cents)

  1. Roger has figured out how to use his IPad to hack my Kindle. Now he has access to everything I carry on Kindle. After my initial annoyance, I realized it was nice to be able to share books again.

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