My First Robert Parker

It was a quiet Saturday to be spent at home. Some months ago, I purchased sixteen signed first editions of mysteries by Robert Parker Why? Because I found them at Salvation Army for only $1.25 per volume and couldn’t resist.

But I knew little about Parker and still don’t. I had seen his books but not read any. They aren’t the types of books I normally read. But today I did.

I reached in and blindly chose “Widow’s Walk”. Nathan Miller is found shot to death in his Beacon Hill townhouse. Suspicion falls on his much younger and none too bright wife, and PI Spencer is hired by her lawyer to prove her innocence. Of course, it turns out that the marriage wasn’t a love match, that Miller was a prone to blackmail closet homosexual, and that his wife and her low life friends were not the only ones who knew that. There was a group of unscrupulous businessmen who also took advantage of Miller’s hidden preferences, so much so that they virtually took over the bank that had been in his family’s control for generations. So who killed him? And how could you prove it?

The book is big print, almost all dialogue, wide margins, and short sentences. It is just a little shy of 300 pages, but three hours is enough to read it through (even for you). So far a quiet Saturday when you don’t want to expend too much energy and don’t need to feed your intellectual curiosity, Parker may be just the ticket.


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