Reprise of Last Week

1. Bought the Ipad. So far, so good. Need to schedule a class to learn the ins and outs.
2. Had a sashimi bento box at Hikaru Sushi in Arlington. Probably wont’ go back (Review on Yelp)
3. Went to a 2 hour class on Dara Horn’s “The World to Come”. Liked the class more than the book. Took notes for the first time on the Ipad. Worked well.
4. Attended sad, but very warm, funeral for the husband of a friend, who passed away much too soon at age 56, and made a shiva call to see a high school friend of my wife’s, whose father passed away at 99. Makes you think, of course, about what fate might have in store.
5. Watched a couple of hockey games, all or part, on TV (still getting used to FIOS) – much better now that the Caps are winning.
6. Watched videos on YouTube – Ed Winn and Dinah Shore (her first ever TV appearance, and the introduction of Ed’s piano-bicycle), and a number of Alan Sherman’s (Hello, muddah; hello, faddah) – his comedy in the vein of Ogden Nash or Tom Lehrer, but much simpler and perhaps, for that reason, even more clever.
7. Supper at Agora, the Turkish/Greek restaurant on 17th Street. Not quite as good as the first time we were there, but still probably the best on the block. My wife called it “a poor man’s Zaytinia”. I think that is accurate.
8. “The Odd Couple” at Theater J. Nice performances by Rick Foucheux and J. Fred Schiffman (and everyone else), but you can’t deny that the script is a little dated. I had never seen the play before, but I have watched the TV show of course and, to me, Tony Randall is Felix Unger, which makes it hard to see anyone else in that role.
9. Hosted my cousin Tobi for a week, until her new apartment became available. Nice to get to know a relative more than before.
10. Read “Widow’s Walk” by Robert Parker and started to re-read “To Paint Her Life”, the story of Charlotte Salomon.
11. Watched an interview with George McGovern on C-span, and listened to an interview with the author of a new book on Salt on NPR. Who knew that Kosher Salt was artificial?
12. Went to the National Symphony Concert and saw Gil Shaham play Prokofiev and Xian Zhang conduct. Very nice.
13. Spent a couple of days actually working – thought I accomplished something.
14. Etc., etc.

While the week was ongoing, it seemed just like time was passing. Looking back, I guess I was busier than I thought.


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