Made in the U.S.A.

To build up the American economy, one would think it important to purchase products made in the United States. I thought we should become a little more cognizant of the origin of the things we buy.

I decided to start by looking in the pantry, just at those items that were visible, standing on the front of shelves, to see where our food was coming from. I was actually surprised that most of it was, indeed, American in origin, but thought I should note what came from elsewhere.

(A number of items were Canadian – somehow, I think we should consider items made in Canada as “made the USA” for this purpose – the countries are too close in some many ways to treat Canadian food as being of foreign origin. So, the Trader Joe’s Flax Seed, the Roland cous cous, the Sahadi fava beans, and the Brunswick sardines, I am not counting as having overseas beginnings.)

Here goes for the other items:

We have sardines from Poland (because we also have American and Canadian sardines, we could probably avoid the Polish ones if we want to)

We have olive oil from Italy, and sesame oil from Japan. (This is probably the way it has to be, right?)

We have coconut milk both from Thailand and from the Dominican Republic. (If products can come from the Old or New World, but not the United States, should we favor this hemisphere?)

We have canned pineapple that comes from Thailand. (This is Whole Foods’ 365 brand; I would think that American canned pineapple should be available)

Our Israeli cous cous comes from (surprise!) Israel, and we have candied ginger from Australia.

And that is it – everything else (and there is quite a bit) says: Made in the USA

I think, on packaged food, we are doing pretty well.


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