From My Visit to the Indian Subcontinent Galleries at the Freer (11 cents)

Click on each photo for a brief description and dating of the piece. What interested me most was how old these objects are. The newest is about 700 years old and the oldest is about 2200 years old. These are part of the museum’s permanent exhibition.

I also saw a temporary exhibition at the Sackler next door (you can move from one to the other internally) – where they have a number of pieces on loan from the National Museum of Cambodia. They are also interesting as is the story of the museum (architecturally a delight), and its restoration activities. Worth seeing.

Being enthused, I suppose, after the exhibits, dinner was at the wonderful Cafe of India, where we had delicious tomato/garlic/ginger soup, a mixed vegetable korma, and a delicious chick pea dish, followed by a carrot halva for dessert. It was a slow night at the restaurant, the Monday after New Years, and very comfortable.


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