The Republicans Redux (12 cents)

CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Committee, is holding its convention in Washington this week. Featured are many of the potential Republican 2012 presidential candidates. Buckle your seat belts – we’re in for a rocky ride.

If the Washington Post’s reporting can be believed, the comments made at the convention yesterday included the following:

MN Governor Tim Pawlenty: Obama is appeasing the United States’ adversaries, including Hamas and the Moslem Brotherhood. HUH?

Former MA Governor Mitt Romney (who keeps silent on health care): Obama’s economic program is “the most expensive failed social experiment in modern history”, and “the cause of liberty cannot endure much more of Obama’s ‘they get, we give’ diplomacy.” DOES ROMNEY BELIEVE ANYTHING HE SAYS?

iN Governor Mitch Daniels: the federal debt is our contemporary “red menace” and the response must be a Republican “crusade”.

Former PA Senator Rick Santorum: Obama is siding against Egypt and sided with Iranian leaders when there were demonstrations there two years ago. Santorum topped off his comments by saying about the president: “This is someone who doesn’t believe in truth and evil and America”.

Here we go again.


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