World’s Shortest Reviews (26 cents)

Standards: Recommended, Neutral, Not Recommended

Ceremony: U.S. Navy Memorial (Pennsylvania and 7th NW) commemorating the Battle of Midway: Recommended (but too late)

Documentary: Film on Gaugin showing at the National Gallery: Recommended (not being shown any more, exhibit being over, but available at gift shop on DVD)

Book Yet to Read: Romeo Dallaire’s “They Fight Like Soldiers, They Die Like Children”, on the increasing reliance on children (under 18) to fight wars, especially in third world countries. As to the message: Recommended, as to the book: Neutral; as to his remarks last week at Politics and Prose: Recommended

Music: National Symphony Concert featuring Leonard Bernstein’s Third Symphony (“Kaddish”) with Samuel Pisar as narrator and librettist: Recommended.

Restaurant: Primi Piatti on H Street NW: Recommended (but pricey)

Exhibit: Gabriel Metsu (17th century Dutch artist) at National Gallery of Art: Highly recommended.

Restaurant: Cafe Atlantico for private reception: Neutral

Theater: Pinter’s Old Times at the Shakespeare Theatre: Recommended

Novel: David Grossman’s “To the End of the Land”: Recommended

Autobiography/Biography: “170 Years of Show Business” by Kate Mostel and Madeline Gilford (about themselves and their husbands, Zero and Jack): Recommended

History: Deborah Lipstadt’s “The Eichmann Trial”: Recommended.

Lecture: Herman Obermayer on his new book about his old friend William Rehnquist, part of the OLLI lecture series. Neutral

At least now I am fairly up to date.


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