Quick Reviews: Washington Restaurants (2 cents)

Last night, we had one of our fairly regular Sunday evening suppers with cousins at Clydes in Friendship Heights. One thing about Clydes is that it is always reliable, so you don’t have to worry about having a bad meal. But you rarely get a meal that’s worth a rave. But last night, I ordered something that our waiter told us was new on the menu: Maine haddock in mustard sauce with brussel sprouts and sweet potato gnocchi. In response to my “is it good?” he told me he had served it that day to one other person, and she had eaten everything on her plate. “OK”, I said, “I’ll try it”, hoping it would be OK. I ate everything (absolutely every thing) on my plate. I can’t recommend it highly enough. (I also don’t know if it is at all the Clydes, or just this one.)

The night before, in advance of seeing “Mad Forest”, we ate at Kao Thai in Silver Spring. This is a tiny, tiny restaurant (I think inside it seats 22) across from the AFI and the Round House, and next to the new Fillmore, and it does not take reservations, so in order to be seated quickly, you may need to eat at 3:45 on a Tuesday, but the food was absolutely first class. My daughter and I split a panang chicken curry and a pineapple seafood fried rice. Definitely a place to go again, and most likely again. (Earlier in the week, I had lunch at Kanlaya on 6th Street, near Verizon Center, also a first class Thai restaurant.)

On the other hand, we were disappointed in an Indian Lunch at Heritage on Wisconsin Avenue. We went there with a Groupon, and based on reputation (and some experience at Heritage on Connecticut Avenue) expected great things. We ate vegetarian, and had an okra dish and a dish of peas and mushrooms. (We’ll stick to Cafe of India on Wisconsin Avenue as our regular source of delicious Indian dishes.)


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