Wrapping Up The Year (29 cents)

An very interesting book published in 1950, Anita Lebeson’s “Pilgrim People”, a history of the Jews in America, especially interesting for the 18th and 19th centuries. It is surprising not only our many Jewish settlers were in the country, but their geographic spread and the variety of their occupations, as well as thrill pervasive participation in all (and I mean all) American wars. Equally surprising was the small degree of prejudice, at least until the tremendous Jewish immigration starting in the 1880s.

An Israeli mystery, Batya Gur’s “The Saturday Morning Murder”, a murder of a Jerusalem psychoanalyst, which left me cold. That was a surprise as Gur, who died much too soon several years ago, is so well recommended. But this was, I think, her first book, so I should try again.

My first attempt to read Nadine Gordimer, and I will finish it up this weekend. “The Pickup”, the story of a young white South African woman, somewhat rebellious daughter of a wealthy father, who takes as her lover and then husband an illegal Arab immigrant, who is deported back to his desert country (unnamed, but presumably Morocco). She decides to follow. Not sure yet how it will turn out.

Wasting time at the National Gallery’s showing of Andy Warhol’s “Velvet Underground”. If you are offered the opportunity to see it, run FAST in the opposite direction. The visit saved, though, by the exhibit of Renaissance bronzes by Antico, and the photography of Harry Callahan.


One thought on “Wrapping Up The Year (29 cents)

  1. Interesting about Batya Gur. i wonder how she translates. She writes in sophisticated Hebrew, which isn’t in the murder mystery genre; i.e., she was liked as a high-class author who also wrote mysteries, but that might make her rather turgid in English, since the Hebrew literary tradition (until after Gur) was pretty much like 19th century American English tradition.

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