Calling Carolyn Hax (3 cents)

Two young women sit next to me at the food court.

First woman: So I thought my birthday party was all set when my brother told me that he didn’t want to be at the same party with ________. I had forgot about their recent history.

So I asked my mother who said that family wins over friends, even good friends, so you will have to uninvite her. I agree. But I didn’t want to lie to her.

Second woman: So what did you do?

First woman: I told her that something came up and I had to cancel the party. I guess I lied big time.

Second woman: I would have done the same thing. You don’t want to hurt her; she’s your good friend.

First woman: But she’s going to see pictures on Facebook and everywhere.

Second woman: So you’ll have to tell her that you decided to have the party after all, and that you thought you told her.

First woman: That sounds like the best idea. Do you think she’s Going to be mad?


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