The Kinsey Sicks and “Electile Dysfunction”

OK, watching male performers in drag making off color jokes is not typically my idea of a good time, but we had seen San Francisco based a capella quartet, The Kinsey Sicks, before, and I found them to be four extraordinary talented fellows (girls), and remarkably clever to boot. So, when I learned they were returning to Theater J, this time with a political review, I wanted to make sure to go.

Rachel, Trixie, Winnie and Trampolina are running for president on the Republican ticket (you didn’t know?), but not as individuals. They are running as The Kinsey Sicks, LLC, now that corporations are persons, and persons can run for president.

(OK, we can examine that a bit – let’s assume that corporations are persons and therefore can become president. They would have to have three characteristics – native born, a real corporation, and at least 35 years old. Assuming that The Kinsey Sicks, LLC is a creature of one of these United States, two questions remain. First, is an LLC – or a limited liability company – a corporation? This is unclear – and to my knowledge, neither the Supreme Court nor Mitt Romney has declared LLCs to be persons. Secondly, I doubt this particular LLC is 35 years old.)

But, to quote a line from the show, “I digress.”

They are running to be the first corporate president of the country (and they are hinting that they might offer the vice presidency to Halliburton, based on Halliburton’s previous experience with this job).

Now, they have a lot of good ideas. And there is a lot of clever punning. And I would love to tell you some of their good ideas, or give you an example of their better puns or word plays, but…….

I can’t remember any of them. You have to go see the show.

It is a musical – the tunes are familiar ones, some are reprises of what they have done in earlier shows, I assume with some lyric changes. And they are good – I think Rachel writes most of the work, Winnie is able to be both a background base and a foreground soprano, Trixie can belt it with the best of them, and Trampolina is very special. There’s some audience involvement (stay out of the first row, if you don’t want to be called on to ask a question at the rally), and don’t take an aisle seat if you don’t want to chance a performer on your lap, or – worse – being called up to the stage to become the centerpiece of the last number of the show.

Now, it’s not all politics – there is their usual arguing amongst themselves, and a fair number of lines you would not want your kids to hear. But it’s all in fun, and there even is a moral near the end, with a beautiful rendition of “Heaven, I’m in Heaven”, where all religions finally get together in piece, dancing “Sikh to shiek”.

They play one more week in Washington and then they hit the road, I assume picking up steam as the convention and then the election draws near. (Their performance schedule, posted on their website, takes them well past the Republican convention date, so I assume they think they have a lock on the nomination – who knows? you don’t think that Romney or Santorum can be nominated, do you?). If I were you and you have the freedom, I would catch their Tampa performance – one night only, three days before the convention begins. I may even go down there myself.

Any other downsides? Yes, one. As funny and clever as they are……….they just can’t compete with the real campaign. Even they couldn’t come up with an aspirin between the knees routine.

My name is Arthur, and I approve of this message.


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