It’s Just Depressing…….

Looking at this morning’s Wall Street Journal, and marveling at all the depressing headlines, I wondered how the world keeps going and certainly couldn’t figure out why the stock market didn’t stage a 1929-er.

First section headlines include:

Threat Spreads Across Europe
Russia vs. Poland: on the field and in the streets.
Delays Imperil Mining Riches Afghans Need After Pullout
Steep Rise in Health Care Costs Projected
Causes of the Estimated 2.38 Billion Accidental Bird Deaths Each Year in the U.S.
Immigrants’ Children Lag Behind, Posing Risk
Tears and Anger at Sandusky Trial
Girlfriend of Accused Mobster Gets Eight Years
Pressure Mounts for Italy’s Monti
Next Greek Leaders Face Olympian Hurdles
Iran Says It Plans Nuclear Submarine
U.S. Blasts Russia Over Syria
Landslide Buries Village
U.S.-Pakistan Talks Hit Snag
Karzai Seeks Ban on Some Air Raids
Why India Keeps Failing at Reform

The only headline that gave me hope was the one that talked about over 2 billion bird deaths in the United States annually – cats, windows, electric towers, etc. It just made me happy that I’m not a bird – sometimes I think I would like to be.


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