Catching Up – Part II ($6.02)

Having written a post listing books I have recently written, I am now going to make equally brief comments about some of the events I have attended over the past month or so.  Once caught up, I will try to keep up with some items in greater depth.

1.  “4000 Miles” at the Studio Theatre.  Everyone is raving about Amy Herzog’s play, featuring a lefty grandmother in Manhattan being visited by her difficult grandson, as he finishes a cross country bike ride.  I thought it rather shallow, but I am the only one.

2.  “Coriolanus” and “Wallenstein” at the Shakespeare Theatre.  Two extraordinary performances of Shakespeare’s and Schiller’s work (Schiller’s work being adapted and compressed by Robert Pinsky).  Will be performed in repertory all through May.  See them (both) if at all possible.

3.  Two discussions at Shakespeare Theatre about the two plays, both entertaining and informative.  Yesterday’s symposium featured, among others, Pinsky, Michael Kahn, Alan Cheuse, and others, including a psychiatrist and Shakespeare scholar Richard Waugaman, who seemed to know just about everything.

4.  A book talk at the National Archives by Delaware Professor Gary May on his new book “Bending Towards Justice”, the history and status of the Voting Rights Act.  The book has been well reviewed, but I was disappointed with the presentation which focused on Selma, and not at all on current attempts to eliminate portions of the act.

5. A wonder Church of the Epiphany Concert featuring the Avanti Orchestra, and a young 16 year old violinist (whose name I do not have – they ran out of programs).  She played Mozart’s 4th violin concerto and the orchestra played the Linz symphony.

6.  Four baseball games – the Nats lost each and every one.

7.  A showing of a new film about the relationship between Lithuania and the Jewish community today at GW University, and a panel discussion that followed, that almost wound up in a fist fight (not really).  I may write some more on this later.

8.  The wonderful Hebraica exhibit at the Library of Congress.

9. The Washington Design House, benefiting Children’s Hospital.

OK, how brief can I be if I try?  Now, you know.





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