Briefest of Notes about Two Nice Jazz Interludes at the Happenings at Harman Series

The Happenings series featured jazz artists in the first two Wednesday noon programs.

On January 8, it was local vocalist Integriti Reeves, doing a combination of jazz classics and Brazilian jazz tunes.  Reeves, a graduate of DC’s Ellington School for the Performing Arts and Baltimore’s Peabody Institute, is now working on her masters degree is jazz from Howard University.  I have now heard her twice and been impressed each time with the beautiful soft tones of her voice and her melodic sensibilities.

On the 15th, it was a solo jazz saxophone concert featuring Jeff Antoniuk, and co-sponsored by the Washington Performing Arts Society.  An odd thing, a solo sax concert, and Antoniuk knows that.  It was both enjoyable and interesting, though, as he chose a number of pieces to show off the virtuosity of the instrument, including songs of Duke Ellington, Sonny Rollins, and Charlie Parker.  He also played something he wrote, something he improvised completely, and a transcribed portion of a cello suite by J.S. Bach.  He had a looper, and some echo electronics to fill out the solo pieces, which he played both on a tenor and a soprano saxophone.

If you see anything upcoming either with Reeves or Antoniuk, it would be worth your while to go.



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