Quick Post About Eating in Silver Spring (13 cents)

We tend to have supper in Silver Spring MD from time to time, usually because we are going to see a play at the Round House Silver Spring, or a film at AFI.  Here are some very quick thoughts about food.

Silver Spring has hundreds (I am sure) of restaurants – including a wide variety of ethnic restaurants.  We have tried several of them.  Two stand out for consistency.

First, Kao Thai on Colesville Road, recently doubled in size but still small, has delicious Thai food.  A large variety of vegetarian and non vegetarian meals.  With wine and beer served.

Second, Sushi Jin on Fenton St. was closed for over a year due to a fire.  I assumed it would never re-open but it did and is comfortable and attractive, and serves top quality Japanese food.  Again, easy to get vegetarian food, if that it what you want – try to vegetarian bento box.  You certainly won’t be hungry when you leave.

Finally, I am sorry to have to post a restaurant you should avoid – Jackie’s on Sligo Ave. Jackie’s, a trendy American bistro, used to a great place to go.  But things have changed, including its menu – it is now a confusing menu of small plates.  While the food is still imaginative and tasty, adding up the $9 to $15 small plates (“We recommend two to four”) gets very pricey very quickly.  And the small plates really vary in size.  The arugula salad, for example, is almost dinner salad size, while the endive salad is of the “now you see it – now it’s gone” variety.  Same with the large size Amish chicken and the smaller Korean barbecued chicken.  Plus, when we tried it last week, the service was beyond bad – things came out off-schedule and not as ordered.  (We are not alone in complaining about the new Jackie’s menu – a quick trip to Yelp will confirm what we are saying.)

Many other places, of course, including all of the informal places, like Panera (which is always good for what it is), Red Lobster (where I have never been), steak houses (not my style) and so forth.  You won’t go hungry.


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