What’s In a First Name???

Pardon me, but sometimes I do get carried away for no good reason.

Take this morning, for example.  I was reading through the Washington Post death notices (the best part of the paper these days), and thinking about the variety of (ridiculous, in my opinion) first names that people give other people.  Not realizing how it might influence their lives.

Here are some of the first names found in the death notices this morning.  Note that virtually none are the names of the deceased themselves – these are their children, grandchildren and other relatives.

In no particular order:  O’Gretta, Venice, Geneva, Carolene, Keisha, Mecca, Jakazia, Cartess, Janell and Janella (twins), Netan, Nerus, Aryc, Haakon, Kervin, Kelda, Deveria, Angenae, Cutisha, Jada, Arvella, Ransellear, Ciaran, and (naturally last) Omega.
Studies seem to show that the name you give your child affects his or her later life and accomplishments.  For example, if you name your son Barack Hussein……….


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