Public TV (13 cents)

I decided that I would track our PBS television station (WETA-TV) during the month of July. I rarely turned this station on, so I am generally in the dark when PHD shows are mentioned.

So what have I concluded so far?

1. I knew that the PBS News Hour was an informative show, and it is.

2. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is a silly show. Midsomer Murders is pretty silly as well, but very well made and entertaining to watch. Doc Martin is supposed to be silly, and it is, but it’s a kick. I’d rate it over Midsomer.

3. Last night for some reason,  WETA showed Paul Newman’s Cool Hand Luke. I tried to stick with the film, made about 2/3 of it, but turned it off once I realized it was a pretty pointless movie. I know it gets good reviews.

4. Watched a little of Bill Moyers today. He didn’t used to be silly, but seemed so today. The focus was on corporate power in government and society.

5. Charlie Rose is on each night at 11. He is as good as his guests. But he always looks like he’s struggling to stay awake.

More to come. And, by the way, i am going to avoid political issues. I hope.


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