Go See “Gidion’s Knot” – Herndon ($25.03)

Gideon, a fifth grader is suspended from his Middle School class for 5 days.  He goes home, and shoots himself with his grandfather’s pistol, after  his mother has scheduled a parent-teacher conference to discuss the reason behind the suspension.  To the teacher’s surprise, Gidion’s mother keeps her appointment, although the funeral has not yet taken place.  The interplay between mother and teacher is like nothing you have heard before.  It comprises the totality of Johnna Adams’ one-act play, “Gidion’s Knot”, which we saw last night at the Forum Theatre.

Biting dialogue, terrific acting by Katy Carkuff as the teacher and Caroline Stefanie Clay as the mother, and a more than fitting end to the Forum’s season.   The run ended with today’s matinee……..but never fear.  The play, which was co-produced by Virginia’s Next Stop Theatre Company, will start Next Stop’s 2014-2015 season on August 28.  At the Industrial Strength Theatre in Herndon.



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