Page 107, paragraph 2, sentence 1

1.  The years had not been a friend to this dwelling, but then again, it hadn’t been featured in House and Garden (except maybe as one of their “before” photos) to begin with.

2.  “On a museum intern’s salary?”

3.  The stairwell was enclosed with paneled wood.

4.  He shouted at his old mother when she offered water.

5.  I was going to wait until Sunday, but then I got thinking about it – how my wife sort of slants her week towards that day – so I decide to go up there Saturday morning.

6. “Anita’s regained consciousness, Mrs. Beecham,” Gretchen whispered.

7.  Jade frowned and slipped her wine.

8.  Siefert let his tape recorder do the work.


This make you want to read any of them?


2 thoughts on “Page 107, paragraph 2, sentence 1

  1. Interesting idea: Not the opening sentence but somewhere along and decide if it is enticing. What are these books? Does a particular sentence out of context have to “carry” the book (novel?) the way an opening sentence must? What about the last sentence? I have a list somewhere of famous opening sentences, all for novels. I have used the opening sentence exercise for the museum: Imagine that this painting is the cover for a novel. Write the opening sentence.

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