The Wisdom of the Ancients (3 cents)

A few years ago, I read Graham Hancock’s “Fingerprints of the Gods”, a very intriguing book which looked at the various myths that are pervasive across Latin America, based on the appearance in times far past, of a red headed white man from an unknown civilization.  Hancock talked about the similarities of the traditions of communities that existed at different times, in different places, with no contact with each other, thus concluding that there might actually have been some truth to the myths.  He went on and looked at certain other places in the world, particularly Egypt as I recall, and showed some similarities between the traditions in those places and the traditions he studied in Central and South America.  He then developed a most unusual premise – that being that there was at one time, before the last ice age, when a civilization existed on the continent now known as Antarctica, an advanced civilization the knowledge of which has been completely lost.  And that the visitors to Latin America, and Africa, came from this civilization, leaving behind on traces of their visits.

Well, this was very interesting to think about, and I am waiting for the time that enough ice melts at the South Pole to test Hancock’s theory.  The publication of “Fingerprints of the Gods” did not end Hancock’s study of the subject, and his further research and thoughts are set out in his “Heaven’s Mirror: Quest for the Lost Civilization”, which he published with his photographer-wife Santha Faila.  I must admit that I did not read this entire book, only the sections on Mexico and Central America, the on Egypt.  He goes on to look at Cambodia, the Pacific (Easter Island) and South America.  Looking at ancient buildings and structures, he finds again many similarities, including many common elements based on astronomical observations that are thought in common knowledge to have begun in Greek times, but which he believes were being observed thousands of years earlier.

Again, he posits the existence of an advanced earlier civilization, now lost.  It does not look like he is here suggesting that the civilization was Antarctic (he does refer readers to “Fingerprints of the Gods”), but he does believe that such a civilization existed, being wiped out about 10,000 years ago, before the time of any civilizations about which we have affirmative records.

Another book written by Hancock, “The Mars Mystery”, dealt with the placement of ancient temples and other buildings in reference to the positions of the stars (as those positions have changed throughout the centuries). “Heaven’s Mirror” builds on this as well as on “Fingerprints of the Gods”, and he pays a lot of attention to the placement of structures, and their sizing, in connection with very sophisticated celestial measurements.  Is it possible that this was the common basis of virtually all ancient religious sites?  Of course it is, but whether it is likely, I don’t know.  But this is a topic that tantalizes many, and not only in this context.  For example, I also recently ran through (its details make “reading it” too difficult) “The Secret Architecture of Our Nation’s Capital”, which claims that the street system of Washington DC, and many of its public buildings, were also designed to fit into astronomical, and astrological, patterns, in order to bring the world into balance and help bring about human fulfillment and success.  The book is filled with measurements, and calculations, and you can read it (as you can read Hancock) and conclude that the book’s conclusions are obvious.  But, on the other hand, the possibility that those involved in the design and construction of governmental Washington were both educated in and fixated on creating a city on this basis seems illogical.

So, there is a conclusion to be reached about all of this.  Unfortunately, we human being (and especially me) are not intelligent or knowledgeable enough to discover it.



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