Gone Girl at the Avalon – Meh Minus (44 cents)

The new film “Gone Girl” has received a lot of press and pretty good reviews (8.6 on IMDB, for example), and I went to see it yesterday anticipating that I would agree with the (apparent) majority.  Not so.

It’s a very well acted and directed film, and makes a better than normal use of flashbacks, but the plot line is not only weak and silly, it is disgusting.

All I knew is that a young wife suddenly disappeared and that her husband was pegged as the murderer but was innocent.  What I didn’t know is that the wife would turn out to be a sadistic, criminal lunatic, the husband only marginally better, the setting unbelievable, and that there would be a bevy of holes and inconsistencies in the story line.

So, it’s a horror movie (akin to, say, Fatal Attraction or The Hand That Rocks the Cradle) in the guise of a thriller and……who needs it?


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