Before I Forget (Two More Dreams) (12 cents)

Probably not worth passing along – but at the time they seemed profound.  Two dreams, with a similarly mechanical theme, but different emphases.

  1. There were machines that looked like parking meters, but seemed to function more like ATMs.  They were owned by the government and were all in one area, perhaps in a park.  I am not sure actually if people went there to get money, but I knew that they each had a significant amount of paper money in them.  I learned that the government was going to outlaw them, or at least phase them out of existence.  I also had figured out how to get into them and retrieve the money, which I decided to do in the dead of night, because – as I figured it – if they stopped using these machines, the money would just go to waste anyway.  So, operating by myself, I broke into the machines and took piles of new bills, in large denominations, hiding them where I was sure no one would find them.  But then I began to worry that I had perhaps committed a crime – that it didn’t matter that money would otherwise be wasted, so I decided, before it was discovered that the money was missing, that I should return the money to the machines.  Which, the next night, I did.  But then my worrying increased.  What if someone had seen me?  Either at the machines or at my hiding place.  How did I know that no one knew that the funds were taken and returned?  Weren’t my fingerprints all over the bills?  And so forth.  I knew that this would haunt me the rest of my life and, if it was discovered what I did, my life would be ruined, and the fact that I returned the money would be meaningless.

2.  In the garage of the apartment building (or condo) where I lived (in fact I live in a house), they had put parking meters, and ones very expensive to use, at each parking space.  It would now cost $12 per day to park in the garage that I already had a right to use and already paid the landlord (or the condo association) for, only this would go to the government.  In my dream, I calculated that this would amount to over $4000 per year per space ($8000 for two spaces) – and I knew that most people in the building could not afford this.  I thought that there would be widespread protests, that the government might fall, …… and then what?


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