Six Books (27 cents)

I just wrote a very complete post with reviews of six books, “Gideon’s Week” (a British mystery written by an author who wrote 600+ books), “Jerry Wolman: the World’s Richest Man”  (Pennsylvania mining town to become Washington’s most successful developer, then owner of the Philadelphia Eagles and Flyers, then developer of the Hancock Tower in Chicago, which had massive construction problems, leading to the construction lender calling its loan and the loss of Wolman’s fortune), “Close to Shore” (shark attacks on the Jersey shore in 1916 and the first realization that white sharks are killers), “Those Angry Days” (massive political differences about whether the US should enter the European conflict prior to the bombing of Pear Harbor by the Japanese – differences as strong as today’s), “Holy War, Inc.” (the background of bin Laden and the wide array of Islamist terrorists around the world), and “The Myths of August” (deception in the American atomic industry, including whether Germany was racing to develop a bomb, whether Hirsohima was necessary or moral, why there was coverup of the dangers of radioactive testing fallout, was the Cold War necessary).

Then, WordPress ate my long post.  It has vanished and I am not sure why.  But I am convinced it is gone.  Too bad.


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