Mexico, Donald Trump and Walls

I have just returned from a week on the Yucatan peninsula, first time in Mexico.  And I don’t want to generalize, but one of the things that I noted about my travels in the states of Yucatan and Quintana Roo is that Mexico is filled with walls.  Donald Trump should take notice of that.

I saw stone walls at the three Mayan site I visited, Chichen Itsa, Coba and Tulum.  They were tall, and obviously sturdy, as they have lasted hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years.  To me, at least, they seemed impermeable.

But it wasn’t only the Mayan walls.  Highway 307, the divided speedway that goes from Cancun virtually south to the Belize border is bordered on the east by a continuing series of resorts, none of which are visible from the road, and all of which are gated, and most of which are separated from the highway by a tall wall. It doesn’t appear that the walls give protection to the resorts – they don’t surround the resort, they are decorative, running maybe 100 feet parallel to the roadway.

But what it means is that the Mexicans are experts in the building of walls. and obviously paying for the walls that they build. So is it surprising that Herr Trump thought of a border wall as being something that the Mexicans (as well as the Americans) would love, and that the Mexicans would want to pay for.

One other thing:  what is the purpose of these walls, from Mayan times forward.  Obviously to keep out people, or at least to discourage them from visiting.  And who were the people who were being kept out?  Largely, they were Mexicans.  Mexicans have for many centuries built walls to keep out Mexicans.  So, why would they object if their neighbor to the north built a wall to keep out Mexicans?  This is just what people do.

But what Donald is going to discover is that Americans don’t build walls like Mexicans, that Mexicans don’t pay for walls built by Americans and, probably, that their experience as builders of walls has also trained them as to how to get around or go through the walls.

Well, I guess this is all irrelevant, because we aren’t going to wind up with an impermeable border walls, but it did give me a different perspective and something to think about.


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