My Day: About Time

As I tried to get some chores done this rainy morning, I decided to watch a film on TV and, for no good reason, chose “About Time” a 2013 British comedy about, you guessed it, time travel.  It seems that the male line of this seemingly wealthy Cornwall family can travel back (not ahead) in time.  (It’s a little more complicated than that, but it’s not important.)

This is one of those films that most of the critics didn’t like, but which gets better reviews from the public.  In those cases, often the public is correct.  In this case, trust the critics.

Our young hero is too shy to get a girl friend, turns 21, and is told of his family’s secret.  This means that every time he is too shy, he can go back in time and redo the event without the same inhibitions.  If he makes a fool of himself, he can undo the damage and no one will be the wiser.  In the course of a few years, he becomes a lawyer, leaves Cornwall for London, meets and loses Charlotte and meets her again but things better of sticking with her, meets (three times, at least) and marries Mary (who loves Kate Moss).  In fact he marries her several times on the same day, changing best men each time so that the wedding will be perfect.  And they have 2 (almost 3) children.  There’s also a father (who gets sick) and a mother (who is unhappy the father is sick) and a kid sister who things she’s the family failure (which she just may be).

I’m glad the film was on for background only.  It started out weak and got weaker.  With each repeated scene, I said “do I have to see this one again?”, not caring that it would turn out different, because I knew it wouldn’t really turn out any better.

Not worth watching.  Not worth writing posting an article about.  Over and out.