Ouhat do you knoou? It’s time for Spring Training

Spring training has started in Florida, and the Nats are preparing for the upcoming season in a new ball park. There are some missing players (I will especially miss Nook Logan) and some question marks, like how strong will a recovered Nick Johnson be?

But that is not the topic of this posting. This is a posting about hats.

I ran into a friend on the street today. He was wearing a baseball cap with the letters DC on it. Now, the Washington Nationals do not wear caps which sport DC. Their hats have a W on them.

But there are many fans who refuse to wear at hat with a W on it, on the theory that W is no longer just a letter. It is also a political statement.

Silly, I thought, but I see that there are those who stick to this belief.

So, what to do?

My answer. Because W will remind people of 43 even after he leaves office, and will provide a bad taste in many mouths, and because it is necessary to keep the first initial of the hometown on the baseball caps, we are faced with a dilemma. I think that the only fair thing to do is to abolish W as a letter in the English language, replacing it with Ou.

We will live in Ouashington, oui?

I think this ouill ourk, if everyone gives it an opportunity. After all, the French have done ouithout a W for years.

Ouhat then, put an O on the caps? That ouon’t do. That team is 45 miles up the road. It will have to be an OU. Our orthodox friends ouill approve.