Terrorists (one cent)

A disabled veteran in a wheel chair, with a cane and a neck brace, flies from Florida through Atlanta to Wichita for the July 4 holiday.  Two weeks later, he makes the return trip.  When his plane lands in Atlanta, he is wheeled to the connecting gate.  While waiting for his next flight, he watches the passengers disembarking at the next gate from another flight.  One particular man catches his eye.  He looks shifty, and he looks around as if trying to see if there are any law enforcement officers nearby.

The disabled veteran is wearing a flag hat–red, white and blue.  His cane is red, white and blue.  His wheel chair has an American flag attached.

The glances of the man with the shifty eyes and the veteran meet.  The disembarking passenger immediately shifts his eyes away, turns, and vanishes into the terminal.

The disabled veteran realizes that the man is a terrorist:  he has shifty eyes, he was looking around suspiciously, and he immediately moved away thinking that the disabled veteran (because of his flag, his cane and his hat) must have been a lawman.  There were no police around, and now this terrorist is wandering the streets of the country.  What should the veteran have done?

This question was asked this morning by the disabled veteran on C-Span to the head of the U.S. terrorist watchlist program.  What do you think was the answer he was given?  You would have been surprised.


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